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Baggy Britches!

Dropped calories, raised weight.  Raised calories, dropped weight!  How many freakin’ times do I need to see this!!??  AND STILL!!!!  I’m looking at today’s numbers going… “ahhhh… you’re going to gain at 1500 calories!  It can’t keep working!”    My head is spinning.  Although I was out of town the majority of the day (away from my routine) I still managed to get my calories in, but not my cardio and all I’m thinking is, “drop the calories!  You’re going to gain!”  But as I look in the mirror I swear I already look leaner.  (and again, “please don’t let me eat my words in the morning!”)  Shut this crazy, freakin’ overactive, cluttered mind UP already!!

After a VERY long day, I finally arrived home!  My replacement bottoms had arrived.  YAY, right?  No!  It’s like a front and back loading diaper!  I guess, I’m going to wear the smaller ones and hope to GOD my “loose fatty skin” doesn’t fall out of the top and bottom.  If only the pictures were what it looks like in person.  But seriously here… the diaper bottoms look worse hiding the skin than the smaller ones do.

While I’m at it, here’s the rest of my 1 week out pics – in the smaller bottoms.

I wish I could see what I see in these pictures… in real life.  How much is camera not capturing details and how much is my head?  I really need to get a grasp on this.

Okay, so back to some of my concerns with the suits.  BOTH suits squeeze the areas I’m concerned with.  And in the pictures you can’t really tell a difference between the two in that respect.  I might be able to move the hooks over some and release some of that tension on the smaller one, making this a better fit.  I’m finally getting some idea for how these suits work.  Monday my cousin is going to help me.  I’m outta time, that’s all I know.  And again… I’m walking away with more lessons learned.

On a nervous/excited note, peaking starts tomorrow!  My curiosity is heightened, as I mentioned in the last post.  And on Thursday and Friday I have laid out a time line for workouts and tanning, so I don’t screw any of that up.  I can’t sweat after I get a spray tan.  Early morning cardio and ST, then on to spray tan.  Wash, repeat.  :)

Here we go!  It’s here!  And already…. I can’t wait to see next year! :)   Okay, okay, back to the present.

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