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Back On Track

The main goal was to coast back to the 150′s.  But for some reason my drive was lacking.  I suppose my body and mind wanted a break, but instead of a break I’d been taking a complete vacation.  Again, moderation/balance.  2 days on, 2 days off, 2 days on… etc.  Not working too well.  I managed to climb all the way up to 168.8 by this last Tuesday (10/26).  I know a lot of it was water and even as I drop there’s still quite a bit of water I’m holding on to.

This week I’ve managed to strip over 6lbs of that water (hoping some is fat too… tee hee…), going from 168.8 to 162.6 as of today.  And as I said, I can still tell there’s a good amount of excess water left.  I’m guesstimating around 5lbs.  I’m going to work on this some more and then probably ease back into a diet that will have me coasting with the fat loss.

I know RC and others have said 135 will probably be a good stage weight for me, but I can almost see it going as low as 130.  The consensus seems to be that figure competitors should maintain no more than 15lbs over stage weight in the off-season.  I’ve even heard 10lbs.  Therefore ideally I need to get to and maintain around 140-145.  When I hit 147 I could see that I should probably drop to 140 and remain.

There are some natural local shows starting in June or July, but I’m not sure if this is too soon for me.  I’m done rushing progress.  It makes for a lousy quality in one’s physique.  Not to mention a lousy quality in mental health.

As of now, I’m feeling better as I’m becoming more level-headed and less panicky.  Actually panicking has completely diminished at this point.  I feel very clear-headed, healthy, confident and patient.

I’ve also been taking more advantage of my training recently – going a little heavier and pushing the boundaries a tad.  I’m surprised at how it kicks my butt!  I’m listening to this as I continue to push my limits.  Not too much, but not too little.  I’ve been focusing a lot on bringing in my left lat (which I need to post updates on – I actually have a lat now!) and my glutes, as well as balancing out the right and left quads and inner thighs.  Rolling, stretching and strengthening.

It’s only getting better.  I’m excited but calm about next year’s potential.

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