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Another Source of Inspiration – Anne Via Zakielarz

Wow! I found this success story in the 2008 June issue of Muscle and Fitness. Truly amazing! I love seeing women achieve the same goals I’m working on. It further solidifies my belief it WILL happen one day and maybe not exactly by the day I tell it to happen.

Anne’s story is one that makes me rethink the need to get to my goal by a certain date, very soon. Her journey took 8 years! She began at 265lbs and now competes.

In the following interview I have pasted, she says that people ask her all the time how she did it and how long it took. We all already know how she did it. That question seems annoying at times (I get it too). How else do you do it other than manipulating your diet and exercise? But she says when others find out how long it took her their spirits drop. I know I did the same thing when I read her story. I thought, “BUT… I want it yesterday!”

Her best advice, in my opinion, was to set physical goals instead of weight goals alone. It’s so true. When I focus on all that I’m accomplishing despite the slow scale movement I’m more acceptable of my progress. If I was only focusing on the scale, I would be devastated and be more susceptible to quitting, although in my mind there’s no other choice but to keep moving. I know if I keep doing what I’m doing 2 things will happen; 1) I’ll lose weight and look great one day or 2) nothing will happen and I’ll stay the same (unlikely, I know). BUT, if I give up?? Yeah, I KNOW what will happen and there’s only one outcome to that, going right back where I started. So, my choices are cut and dry.

Anne’s journey is a lot like mine in that she is learning and growing while losing. That can’t be discounted, it is important in getting to goal. If I just lost the weight without mentally growing I would have not learned anything and be right back to old habits. Trust me, I’ve done it before. Anne plateaued (so what, I made a new word! :) ) for 4 YEARS during this process, but I guarantee she didn’t plateau in all other aspects.

There’s more to it than just losing. Anne’s proof, I’m proof, and I’m sure there are others out there that could testify. I think this success story is important because of the strict time restraints we put on ourselves when having so much to achieve. I’m not saying all time goals are bad, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes we have to be kind to ourselves appreciating how far we have come and honor those accomplishments instead of how far we still have to go.

For those of you needing some encouragement here’s the interview. Also check out her story (it’s a snippet of the interview) on page 30 of Muscle & Fitness June 2008 issue.

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