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Another Branch for the Weight Loss Tree

In the beginning I said, “I just want to lose some weight”.  I had a number in mind, but it was more about just getting the weight to start coming off!  Once that happened, it’s been like a domino effect.  One thing has led to another, and another, and another!

The latest branch to the weight loss tree is my first ever powerlifting meet.  And as a side note, spell check needs to add this word to the list.

I was very surprised when my dear friend, Cathy invited me a long for the ride!  She’s been doing this for a couple years now and I have loved watching her.  It’s kinda cool having a cyber-training partner.

I don’t have a lot of time to train, I think 4 weeks left, but at least I’m starting out with a good amount of base strength.  This has already been super fun for me.  It’s been a nice distraction from the number on the scale, I must say – a  goal that requires me to recover and fuel myself more efficiently – SO not what I’m used to.

So my maxes we’ve set, without really knowing them, are as follows:

Squat – 215
Bench – 130
Deads – 260

Today was skills day.  I videoed my last 2 sets of each lift.

195 Squat

I’m not sure I got low enough on that set. But no doubt I hit it on the next.

205 squat

I felt like my form was great on these. My back stayed nice and tight.

235 deads
Mentally jumped the gun on those.  Guess that’s not cool to restart that way.  I probably should have just continued through the lift.  Because if I do this at the meet I’ll have to continue.

250 deads

Deads & squats are something that feel pretty natural to me.  But bench on the other hand…. I’m posting these videos in hopes you don’t laugh… (out loud).  I can though… I look like a monkey trying to swing to the next branch.  WTF?  I am having so much trouble getting the form down on these.  So here they are… if not for anything else but pure entertainment.

Seriously I was trying to emulate this video, but now I can see I neglected to keep my rear planted. No wonder it felt so damn awkward!

120 bench (hilarious, really hard to watch)

125 bench

Lots more work ahead of me.

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