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And…. We’re…. OFF!

And we’re OFF!  Okay, not really like a race this time.  This time it’s about easing back into this and having the scale come down with that same steady ease.  I think this will be good physically and mentally.

So the plan is simple.

First off, the sporadic meals have come to a halt.  I’m also back to logging my food but not tracking macros, although my food choices will be clean healthy choices.  My loosely targeted calorie range is 1600-1700 – no perfection with this.

These last 2 days of logging with this calorie range have me feeling like I was under eating at the beginning of this week.  Once or twice a week I plan on having dinner with my family, friends, or hell… by  myself.  You know, like a normal person? (BTW – my husband always says it’s the normal ones that you need to watch out for.  HA HA!)

I’m also easing into the cardio at 20 min about 3 x a week moderate intensity.

My strength training is going to be based on how I feel.  As we speak, I don’t feel like going too heavy.  Over a month off can really send me into shock if I jump back into it – again easing my way back into the game.   I’m mostly doing light weight and sets around 3 with a total of 4 or so exercises.  This is so light weight for what I’m used to.  I’ll see how I feel as I progress.

It feels so good to be active again.  I’m sure the clean food is having its impact on my feeling better as well.

Tuesday 10/12/10 – 167 lbs!

Friday 10/15/10 – 164.6 lbs (official weigh in)

First goal is to ease back into the 150’s.

1 Comment:

This makes me smile. So happy you’re feeling better, moving again, eating enough, enjoying your food with family and friends (and yourself!) … all good things!

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