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Adrenal/Thyroid Update

Apparently I’m overdoing it again.  I started crashing again and needing more naps.

What’s changed?

  • I’m back in the gym
  • My kids are out of school and at each others’ throats all day
  • We’re having financial problems
  • I’ve been staying up late to work on my own site (PLUG!  still needs some work)
  • I’ve been skipping breakfast!

Ummmm… Yeah, seeing that written out makes too much sense.  I’ll work on the things I CAN, meditation for the rest.

If anyone was following the workouts, I’ll post the next 2 weeks for you soon.  I’ll more than likely be replacing my workouts with yoga.

I talked with my Doc today.  She’s taking me off the T3.  She said it should have worked by now if it were going to work at all.  And although my temps came up some, they still aren’t responding the way she wanted them to.  She’s drawing more blood in about a week or so.  Then she is more than likely going to put me on a sustained release of T4/T3.  She told me this is a long term approach since the jump start technique didn’t work.  I’m the 5% that it doesn’t work on.

She kept using the word “damaged”.  The “damage” that’s been done has been so long term that getting my body to respond to stress appropriately is going to take a lot more time.  *sigh*  Just when I thought things were turning for the better.  I can’t help but wonder if I’ll ever get back in the gym the way I love.  And if I can’t?  I’ll worry about that when it’s a reality.


Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that you are crashing again. Looks like it will have to be baby steps.

My adrenals are almost back to normal, but I’ve sustained some heart damage, which will take much longer to repair. At least I’m functioning well enough to be able to work.

I thought I was taking baby steps. I guess not baby enough.

Hanlie, you are in my thoughts and prayers. (((hugs)))

Steve Thomas says:

Tara, I know all this is very hard for you to process. it would be for anyone! You are used to being in command of your body and having it respond in a predictable and positive way. It is the nature of an athlete. Know this, you ARE still an athlete. That is as much a state of mind as body. Also, you would be in a worse way had you not been preparing yourself physically and mentaly for so long. It will work out, but it will happen in natures time frame, not ours. Continue to be strong, you will be glad you did! Prayers for you.

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