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Active Recovery Officially Begins

Today I bit the bullet and decided to be seen for a complete check up.  This is going to be a process.  But forget for a moment that I struggle to lose weight and take into consideration that I can’t make it through a day without a nap.  And that’s with no exercise – I’ve taken the last 2 months almost completely off.  I used to think it was normal to feel this way, now I’m about to challenge that belief.

Some vital stats:
11/10/10 2pm

Weight 170lbs (with clothes)
43lbs of Fat
127lbs Lean Mass
122/99 (BP)  I get nervous with ANY Dr. visit (I was traumatized as a very young child!)
Body Temp 97.3  (what’s that the walking dead?)

First line of business is a hormonal panel.  I will be collecting saliva throughout the day on the 19th day of my cycle which happens to be on November 11th – tomorrow.  Talk about perfect timing.  Approximately 10 days after I mail that the results will come in.  I will have blood drawn on either Monday or Tuesday for some other tests (lots of them).  Results for these will be in about 5 days later.  So basically in about 14 days or so we’ll know a lot more about what’s really going on.

For now the assumption is that I have a hormonal imbalance that is affecting my adrenals which is also affecting my thyroid to some degree.  All brought on by…. Drum Roll PLEASE…. STRESS, long term dieting, as well as other factors.

The plan of action as of right now is to make sure I’m taking my multi-vitamin, magnesium 400mg, selenium 200mcg, and zinc 50mg, fish oil, vitamin D3 and iodine supplement.  All of which I have (now) and will begin taking religiously.  She definitely had no problem with my diet and actually was very surprised at how healthy I eat.

She wants me to monitor my body temperature fluctuations 3x a day to get a better idea of how it’s operating and responding.  I have a graph I chart this on each day.

Mental stress has the same impact as physical stress – cells know no difference.  She says learning to (drum roll if you like) let go is important in stress management for this reason.  When emotional stress hits chemical response takes over and effects the entire body.  These are things I KNOW but I’m feeling them.  As she’s talking to me I’m about to pass out from exhaustion.  Definitely not that she’s boring me, I’m intrigued by her knowledge and the time she’s taking to teach me.

So my final questions for her were… “once we get started are you going to tell me to stop training for my figure competitions or worse, stop my drinking my coffee!?“  She laughed and assured me our bodies are capable of handling a LOT, but we have to get them in balance and nurture them in a way that they CAN tolerate what we throw at them.

She says we’re looking at a 2 to 3 month recovery period.  It starts today with my vitamins/minerals and diet.  I’ll also continue with rest.  I’m still very tired.  I’m walking away feeling very optimistic.

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