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2/2/11 – Another Day of Detox?

Wow, what a day. I struggled through this one. I’m not really sure what caused it but I have my suspicions.

Per suggestions of the newest book I’m reading “Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome” by Jim Wilson, I made sure to keep my fuel source coming (that would be FOOD!). He informs that low cortisol levels make it difficult for the body to call upon stored energy, so it’s important to eat regularly. I also briefly read that exercise raises cortisol levels. Duh, but… I thought maybe I could combat my 10:30am crash with 20 minutes of light elliptical an hour before (9:30am). At 15 minutes I felt fatigued, but I went the whole 20 minutes. I have some introspection with the thoughts that were swirling around and why went ahead and pushed another 5 minutes.

Here’s the whole ignoring (and insane) process that got me here recurring in even a 20 minute “workout” (oh look! I did it again with the quotations!)

10 minutes: “You’re starting to sweat. That’s supposedly good for detoxing, and you haven’t sweat in a LONG time. You shouldn’t stop now. You were tired to begin with anyway. It’s probably not that you’re really tired at 10 minutes into this. Just keep going.”

15 minutes: “Yeah, I feel like I’m starting to fatigue.” “You can’t be really getting tired at only 15 minutes! You only have 5 minutes besides… you’re sweating a little more now. Just keep going. It’s only 5 minutes. That’s nothing.”

So here’s what my HR did at 115 SPM. It went from around 115-120bpm in the first 10 minutes and by 20 minutes I was at 135bpm. Recovery rate was good though. J

After lunch I took an hour nap around 12:30 or 1pm. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I was O-U-T! Afterwards I felt “better” but still extremely fatigued. By 4:30pm I was crashing again. My muscles felt/feel totally wiped of any life. The whole day I kept food going through me. I didn’t log my calorie intake, but I don’t THINK it was low….. Okay… just plugged it all in. It was around 2000 calories. And I still have a snack before bedtime. J Congratulations to me! J

I had brain fog and mental farts like crazy today! My words have been scrambled, for instance I typed “role” instead of “roll” or “dye” instead of “die”. I’ve been duplicating parts of my sentences. I also leave words out when I’m posting. I learn this after I hit “send”. I’ll be in mid sentence and completely forget what I was saying. Forget it if someone interrupts me. It’s hopeless at that point.

ANYWAY…… At about 5pm I took my temperature. It was 98.6. The last time I felt this bad I also had a normal temps and occasionally had stomach pains with a 99 temp. Which makes me believe this was due more to detoxing than a crash that resulted from something I had eaten or done. I had blogged about how I felt the first 3 weeks after treatment began here, and this is exactly how I felt today. You can read about what Dr. Wilson says about detoxing here.

Or it could be that my kids have been home sick for almost 2 weeks. On top of school being shut down due to weather, which has both kids (one sick, one bored) stuck at home together! Even though I thought I was doing okay with this (I’m learning to be less reactive – blessings in disguise) let’s face it… it’s stressful when your kids don’t feel good and you’re trying to nurse them back to health.

OR… it could be a combination of BOTH detox and kids. J

My Dr. cancelled on me for next week due to the weather. She’ll be calling to reschedule in a few days. That’s kind of upsetting.

So to focus on the positive today:

Today I took a nap when I knew I needed to.
I took a bath and read a book, when I knew I needed to keep things slow and relaxed.
I ate a good quantity of healing foods and took my vitamins (and ordered more!)
I’m realizing certain areas of my life needing attention will get it.
I’m realizing I needed this slowing down in my life.
I have the best husband in the world, and I love him even more.

Praying tomorrow will be a productive day. I have at the very least laundry and cooking to do. Oh yeah, and take care of my sick daughter and discipline the other. Yes, prayers are needed.

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