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2013 Goals – RC Gets Me Thinking

I’m working with Raphael again. I’m having him help me stay accountable to my goals. I spent a lot of time telling myself (and you) I didn’t need help; I could do this on my own. In my mind I should be able to do this on my own. How can I encourage others if I can’t encourage myself? Finally I decided that helping myself is more important to me than my ego or pride. I also know I work really well WITH Raphael – he gets me and knows me better than most others.

RC had a great post last week – One Goal Setting Secret To Your Weight Loss and Fitness Success – that had me thinking losing weight doesn’t move me anymore. It’s not something that lights a fire in me or under me. In his post he also suggests getting creative with stating your SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely) goal by writing it as it’s already happened. There’s some underlying fear that needs addressed in my case, but laying out my goals in a different way made a lot of sense to me.

It wasn’t hard for me to know what really moves me, what really sparks that fire within. Gaining my strength back; being strong; doing what I love that’s what makes me feel alive.

Here’s what my goal looked like when I formed it in an already-happened statement.

I’m back!! Nothing feels better than that statement! Today is the first day of July. It’s been 6 months since I committed to returning to what I love – being STRONG. I’ve succeeded in strengthening my back and core after that horrible back injury that had me ‘crippled’ for most of 2012 and left me extremely weak for the remainder of the year. I’m super excited to announce that today, just moments ago, I completed a 185# squat and a 260# deadlift! I’m also thrilled to tell you that as my squat and deadlift have gone back up, my weight has gone down by almost 40 lbs! The road to where I am now wasn’t easy, but it was SO worth it. I feel like I’ve found myself again.

I made a small adjustment to this because my memory had failed me. My PR for deadlifts was 250, not 260. My goal lowered to 250 lbs. My PR for squats was 205, so 185 will remain. My extra body weight makes certain exercise harder.

But, what’s a goal without a plan?? I quieted my over active mind and made my game plan:

Goal: Release tightness in legs (hip flexors) and back – strengthen core & balance. Build my base strong and efficient.

Yoga (3x)
Stretching & foam roller (daily)
Strengthening (3x)

Exercise Day 1 (Sunday)

alt. DB Chest Press 3×15
DB 1-arm bent-over row 3×15
push-ups 3×6
cable seated one-arm row 3×15
assisted pull-ups Wide-grip lat pull-downs 3×15 (I’m not mentally or physically ready for the pull-ups)
DB alt shoulder press 3×15
decline pull-overs 3×15


Exercise Day 2 (Tuesday)

superman 3×15
knee ins (mountain climbers) on bosu 3×12
plank 3x30sec
leg raises 3×10
quadripeds 3×20


Exercise Day 3 (Friday)

DB turning step ups 3×10
DB single-leg DL 3×15
DB walking lunges 3×10
butt kicks w/resistance band 3×15
cable hip abduction 3×15
reverse calf raises 3×10-12

Today I completed Day 1. I spent a lot of time playing tug-o-war with my mind. Fighting negative thoughts, comparing to the past, playing the “coulda, woulda, shoulda (but you didn’ta)” game, etc. I find myself wanting to wear a shirt with a disclaimer – “I’m only fat because **insert life history**. I’m still an athlete inside this body! If you only knew what I was capable of!” And yes… I know all the psychology of this… doesn’t change that my mind goes there from time to time. In the meantime my husband cheers me on by commenting on how “pro” my push-ups look. My response was a quick, “Yeah, but I used to do 4 sets of 25!!!! I only did 6!” He quickly brought me back to the present, “you also didn’t have 40 or 50 lbs of extra weight on you and you have been out for a while. Given all of that they looked awesome.” He’s right. And really, none of that should matter anyway…. but it does right now.

Today – Day 1 (Sunday)

alt. DB Chest Press 3×15 (set 1-15#, set 2-20#, set 3-25#)

DB 1-arm bent-over row 3×15 (set 1-20#, set 2-25#, set 3-30#)

push-ups 3×6

cable seated one-arm row 3×15 (all 3 sets – 12.5 kg)

Wide-grip lat pull-downs 3×15 (all 3 sets – 27.5 kg)

DB alt shoulder press 3×15 (set 1-10#, set 2-12.5#, set 3-15#)

decline pull-overs 3×15 (all 3 sets – 15#) ( I LOVE these for rehabbing my shoulder)

Have you made any goals? Have you thought about them as you’ve already lived them? Share them with me I’d love to hear them.

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