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2013 A Year of Strength


I finally decided to make a change in my life. I started working towards losing over 100 lbs.

2009 & 2010

I spent the year training for my figure competitions, meeting new and amazing friends, experiencing things I never thought imaginable – DOING things I never thought I could.


I spent the year recovering from adrenal exhaustion and stress (and malnutrition) induced thyroid disorder and coping with what is – exploring my boundaries and my “new” body; what I could do, couldn’t do, shouldn’t do. I dealt with acceptance as I gained back about 60 lbs very quickly. I learned to focus on other things in my life, other than JUST the gym and food. I learned the true meaning of balance.


I spent the year learning to love myself, in a way I never really knew (and learning it’s a continuous process). I learned to trust myself. Thanks to Raphael Calzadilla (AKA Fit by Raphael) I learned that my body is ready to respond again IF I continue to coax it and not force it. BALANCE + A DASH OF STRATEGY = A PERFECT MIX.


It’s only up from here.

As much as I wanted to keep working with RC, all of these years in my mind I’ve never done this alone. I’m a Personal Trainer, but I never trusted myself to be my own trainer. I don’t ever stop and listen to my own advice as if I were… YOU. If I did I’d have most of my answers. As a matter of fact, while working with RC I realized I do have the answers. RC and I worked together instead of a traditional client/trainer relationship. It was the first time I felt I had a trainer that wasn’t in control over my every move. We discussed things and tweaked things, but really looking back I think I did most of the tweaking. He helped me talk it out. He helped me see I can do this… on my own.

When I parted with my mentor, my trainer, my friend, I stumbled a bit. But just a stumble. It feels like jumping off a moving cart; suddenly your feet are on the ground but your body is moving faster than the ground. The landing has you stumble a bit but if you have a strong core (I had to) you quickly regain your footing. That’s all. No face planting here.

When I look to 2013 I see a year of strength and courage. I see a year I stand alone and tall with confidence. I see a year I can begin to help others because I have also helped myself.  On the physical side, I see a year I regain strength after a year of inconsistency with workouts and a over a year with a back injury that left my core very weak.


2013 – A Year of STRENGTH

Thanks to all you who have supported me and put up with me through the years and continue to do so! (((((((love you all)))))))

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