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2 Weeks Out! Moving Quickly Now!

I can’t believe I’m already to this point!  To make things even better, I’ve hit an all new low on exactly 2 weeks out!  I’m weighing in at an all new low of 151 lbs (96lbs lost) a week after taking charge of my diet and cardio.  I’m also incorporating a little more instinctual listening – checking in with what my body is telling me.

It occurred to me yesterday I had been ignoring my body’s cues for needing rest, or needing some adjustments, regardless of what the plan says (within reason of course).  After a discussion on our fitness board about listening to our body’s cues to real hunger vs emotional hunger it really had me seeing things more clearly – not over thinking, just more aware.

I know training for this event will leave me tired, sore and hungry.  But I think even if I were to listen to my body I would know what should be pushed through and what should be acted on.  I’ve just been pushing through this week regardless.  I’m listening to my body right now and it says 2-a-day HIIT sessions are way too much.  Some adjustments may be needed from time to time.  I mean, I hit a new low listening.

On the confidence front.  I must possess this!  I have to take it for myself.  I confided in my husband that it’s hard for me to just feel beautiful and walk with that confidence of what I’ve accomplished, looking the judges in the eyes and smiling with the radiance that I feel inside.  If I walk and pose in front of my bathroom mirror, I shine.  I need to be the girl in the mirror.  I deserve that girl in the mirror.  What am I afraid of?

I know the comparing myself to the other competitors does me no good, RC has warned me against it time after time, but this week has been hard to stop.  Every time I stop I veer off in that direction again.  I’m constantly pulling myself back to front and center.  “You are an amazing and strong competitor, probably none of those girls have half the strength and grace you have for all you’ve done and as far as you’ve grown.  Time for you to believe hard, there’s no room or time left for doubt.”  Hanging on to this very closely.  Thanks to my bestie, Cathy.

I have posing practice this afternoon.  I’m excited to practice owning how beautiful I feel and proud of myself I am – while I’m looking my judges in the eye.

As the final weeks approach, and fly by, I’ve got even more on my mind.  My suit has been finished and mailed.  It’s SO beautiful.  I’m a little worried about the fit, although I know she can fix this if need be.  I see it on the manikin and notice it fits the manikin more than my suit from last year.  Is this possible?  Is it possible that I’ve changed enough to notice this, or is it measured wrong?  We’ll soon find out.  I should have this beauty the beginning of this coming week.

I’ve been working on my color and planning out how I’ll go about my spray tan schedule.  This year I’m going to play with washing it off before the show.  It streaked on me when my oil was applied and I’ve thought I’ll play with some make-up to cover the stretch marks.  I feel like having fun and experimenting with this.

Peaking begins Wednesday, 10 days out.  I’ll get my training schedule from Sean, and Joe will send me the peaking nutritional formula.  I will assess it when I get it.  I’m confused on what to do for peaking considering I still have a lot of body fat to lose.  He says we will have to be conservative with the filling of the muscles because of the higher body fat %.  I’m curious to take a look at the plan.  In my mind, I’ve switched over to working with Joe more than a “do as your told” approach.  I feel much better about this.

Wednesday I also have my hair appt.  I still have to get my nails done and figure out my make-up.  What else?  Hmmm…. Think that’s it!

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