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1st Day Back at Gym

I finally made it back to the gym today.  Yesterday had too many unexpected events that prevented me from making it. 

I knew, after 3 weeks of not really lifting full force, I should keep the intensity easy to moderate.  I’ve noticed this separation occurring with the voice that tells me to beat myself up and the voice that tells me to be smart – this isn’t a race.  We’ll see how long this lasts.  With that said I didn’t have a plan.  All I knew was I wanted to work legs, I wanted to work some uni-lateral exercises, and I knew I needed to keep from over doing it.  I decided to listen to how I felt and design my workout as I went.

Here’s what I ended up doing.

Warm up w/bar – 20 reps
15 reps 65lb
15 reps 95lb
12 reps 115lb
10 reps 135lb

Bulgarian squats
15 x 10lb DBs
15 x 15lb DBs
15 x 20lb DBs

Lying Leg Curls
20 x 60lb (warm up)
Single leg 15 x 30lb  (Superset w/seated adductors)
Single leg 15 x 30lb  (Superset w/seated adductors)
Single leg 8 x 30lb slow negatives  (Superset w/seated adductors)

Seated Adductors
70lb 10 x 3 w/10sec hold in between every 10 reps (total 30 reps)
70lb 10 x 3 w/10sec hold in between every 10 reps (total 30 reps)
145lb x 15 w/10sec hold final rep

11 hours later and I’m already feeling it.  Right about now I’m thinking, Thank the LORD I didn’t go all out like I was itching to do.

Macros were WAY off today – protein was 25g higher, fat was 44g higher and carbs were 32g too low – total calories were 365 calories higher than my target of 1600 – YA THINK!?  I struggle with reeling my food in when I am suffering from migraines.  I had one today and yesterday.  I’m predicting I’ll have one for another day or 2.  I’m really going to have to give myself a break and be gentle with my diet or focus even more.  Hmmmm… :)

Regardless of all that, it felt good to get back in the gym.  I love a good booty and leg soreness the next day.  Can’t wait to do it again!

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