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1/27/11 – Nutrients & Signs of Improvement

I’m using the same drive I had to lose over 100 lbs to kick this sh** in the a$$!

My diet is mostly clean although I’m still not up to par on my calorie intake.  If I’m not eating enough, I’m just putting more stress on my adrenals.  I’ve started logging my food (yesterday) in hopes of ensuring I EAT!  Dieting for way too long people with no “OFF SEASON”!  It’s nice that I had already began accepting the words of Geneen Roth in Women Food and God, but I tied it all together with Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole.  Then to boot, nothing like driving it home better than a diagnosis of adrenal exhaustion!  My journey has purpose. ;)

I think I was averaging around 1300 calories before yesterday (if that).  I hit 1800 yesterday and today I’m only at 1100 (it’s almost 6pm).  I’m not looking for perfection (that’s what landed me here) but I need consistency.

I’ve been religious about taking my supplements.  I’ve added D-Ribose (building block of ATP = ENERGY!) and vitamin C (Vitamin C’s importance in adrenal fatigue) to my supplement regimen.  During adrenal exhaustion (and stress) a lot of vitamins are needed, used and depleted.  So it’s crucial at this point to have a high quality supplement program.  The fact that my cortisol levels are lower than normal show the importance in the vitamin C in healing.

I just read this article that explains a LOT of how I was feeling the first 3 weeks. My average temp usually runs 97.6 shortly after treatment my temps went to a “normal” 98.6, a few days I had the stomach thing I blogged a little about and on those days my temps were 99.  This toxic overload makes perfect sense to me.  I kept complaining that I felt worse, but I thought it was due to being distracted by my weight lifting.  Now I’m seeing it may have been “real” worsening in how I felt and not just a lack of distraction..  I felt a return of energy the last couple days… until today.  I assume detoxing will be gradual and not overnight, as part of the healing process.

My body temps have dropped back down to my normal average of 97.6.  It’s still looking like a T3 replacement is in my future.

Another thing I’ve noticed in the last week is a libido.  We all joke about this, but this is for real!  I had NONE!  It was the center of a lot of tension between my husband and me.  I would try my hardest to make him understand it was something “wrong” with me, not in how I felt towards him.  But, he never really understood this… and honestly… some days I wondered if I had really lost something for him.  I tried in other ways to show him I truly found him attractive and I LOVED him with all my heart, while it really was a major source of frustration for both of us.

I almost don’t want to say anything in fear of jinxing this, but I’m feeling like a teenage boy (or at least what I would imagine that feels like)!  I LOVE IT!!!  HA HA!  And I highly doubt my husband is objecting.  (he’d die if he knew I was sharing this information.)  The coolest part is NOW he gets it.  And now we are even closer than before.  That tension from the doubt of my love for him, or even my own doubt in myself, is gone.  Such an amazing feeling.

There’s definitely changes occurring, just not at the rate I’d like.  I have to admit, noticing anything is slightly comforting.

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