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100 lbs – Burn Baby Burn!

Official starting weight 247, highest weight ever saw 250 (probably even higher, just never saw it), total loss HAS to be more than 100 lbs!  Surely my bones are more dense and my muscle mass has increased to offset some of that burned fat weight on the scale!  Surely, more than 100lbs! ;)

Lots of talk about accurate scale measurements on our boards this week.  RC says “weigh a dumbbell”.  And for simple curiosity I did it too.  My 10lb dumbbell consistently weighs 10.4 lbs.  Before I weighed the dumbbell, I weighed myself – 149.6!  Over 100 lb loss is official!  Feeling good!  So… do I weigh 149.2 or does my dumbbell really weigh 1/2 lb over!?  Either way, I’ve done it!  100lbs gone forever never to be found again.  I burried it alive!  SEE YA!  It’s hard to believe I’ve done it.  And even though, really, I was already there (what’s one freakin’ lb?) it just seems solid now – REAL.

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